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Our Approach


We all don’t have 8 hours a day to devote to training our dogs like some professional trainers think we do.  Owning a dog is a great responsibility but training your dog doesn’t need to be a full time job. We make plans that prioritize the things most important to you, your family, and your dog and use tools that simplify your goals.


The relationship you have with your dog is more important than whether your dog is able to retrieve your slippers for you or open your beer bottle.  A truly healthy relationship is one based on mutual respect and understanding but depends wholly on how you present yourself as your dogs leader.  Be your pet’s mentor first and they’ll always be your friend.


To be a great mentor to your pup there are three basic things that you need to focus on:

  1. ENERGY: Your energy and disposition are the most important part of having a good relationship with your dog.  Calm, Clear, Consistent, Assertive energy is the key to getting through to your pup.  Remember dogs can’t talk so it's important to use clear body language and energy to communicate properly.  Stand up straight, be calm, be a leader, be confident (even if you’re not sure you should be), and be assertive.  What you Expect from your dog is often when you’ll receive!

  2. EXERCISE: If you do nothing correctly besides walk your dog and walk your dog often you’ll have a good chance of being successful with your pup.

  3. EARN: Anything your pup likes it’s important to make them earn it. Just like a child that you don’t want to spoil, same concept applies for your dog.  This is why we’ll focus on the sit command primarily the first week.

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